EXXUS Twist Concentrate Vape Pen - Black

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EXXUS Twist Concentrate Vape Pen - Black

EXXUS Twist Concentrate Vape Pen

The Exxus Twist Concentrate Vaporizer by Exxus Vape is a pen-style unit that's highly compact. People who like portable devices that can accompany them anywhere they need to go can depend on it. It's beneficial for essential oil vaporization needs. Standout elements of the Exxus Twist Concentrate Vaporizer include its universal 510 thread pattern, changeable voltage and automatic shutoff. This vaporizer turns off instantly in nine seconds.


Product Description

The Exxus Twist Concentrate Vaporizer by Exxus Vape is a portable unit that's ideal for essential oils. If you want to keep your vaporizer in your handbag, pocket or hand, this unit could be a strong choice for you. People who favor essential oils and concentrates over herbs often go for this user-friendly vape pen. It's equipped with a sturdy metal body. Its mouthpiece, however, was constructed using a tough plastic that also happens to be eco-friendly. The construction of this unit contributes to a draw that's easy, simple and soothing. 

This device operates on a Li-ion battery that has changeable voltage. This battery is also rechargeable. It can run between the range of 3.2V and 4.8V. The mod's nichrome heating element is made up of two distinct pieces. It has a ceramic middle, too. Since the Exxus Twist Concentrate Vaporizer by Exxus Vape has a universal 510 thread pattern, it can accommodate many types of clearomizers and heating chambers. 

The design of this unit is notable. It's a cinch to navigate and get around. Its power button is situated on a metal area above the battery. If you press on the button, you'll notice the emergence of LED lights. These lights are convenient because they can serve as helpful warning signals to users. If your battery requires prompt recharging, you'll see them quickly blinking. Exxus Vape's Exxus Twist Concentrate Vaporizer has a useful battery locking function. If you want to be sure your unit is 100 percent off when you're not enjoying it, this function can provide you with wonderful peace of mind and confidence.

Safety is a crucial part of all successful vaporization sessions. If this device experiences nine nonstop seconds of heat, it will shut itself off just like that. The device will be available to enjoy again after merely three seconds, too. 

People who love vapors that are light should opt for low voltage use. People who love vapors that are thicker, on the other hand, should opt for higher voltage use. It's as straightforward as that. Purchases of this unit come with user manuals and wired USB (Universal Serial Bus) chargers. The vape's manual can be a reliable guide for people who are interested in correct, smooth and efficient use.