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Empire Glassworks Waterpipes

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  • Beer Pong Rig

    Empire Glassworks

    Beer Pong Rig


    Empire Glassworks Beer Pong Mini Rig The Empire Glassworks beer pong mini dab rig is a classic red cup with a marker empire logo and a pong ball on top that acts as the mouthpiece. It’s is a celebration of summertime fun, all in the palm...

  • Water Bottle Rig (Assorted Colors)

    Empire Glassworks

    Water Bottle Rig (Assorted Colors)


    EMPIRE GLASSWORKS - MINI RIG - WATER BOTTLE  Overview  The Mini Rig by Empire Glassworks features glass water bottle design with glass on glass 45mm female joint. It comes with a dry herb glass bowl, but it will fit glass bangers for...