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Ash Trays

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  • Pulsar® Premium Tap Tray - Black


    Pulsar® Premium Tap Tray - Black


    The Pulsar® Tap Tray is a premium silicone ashtray that provides an all-in-one solution! Your customers will love having one space for tools, lighters, papers, nails, and much more! It holds everything safely & securely. The silicone Tap Tray...

  • UV Glass Debowler (Out of Stock)

    UV Glass Debowler (Out of Stock)


    UV Glass Debowler has an amazing glowing feature when placed in the dark and illuminated by a traditional black light. Impress your friends and expand your UV gear with the best ashtray to date. This Glass UV Debowler is hand made in Reno, NV...

  • Glass Spikes (Out of Stock)


    Glass Spikes (Out of Stock)


    The glass Debowler spike can help any smoker without the full Debowler tray by just replacing their usual bobby pin or paper clip with something thats easily cleaned re-used.  They also make great dabbers and stand alone without the tray! The glass...

  • Blue


    The Original Debowler (14 Colors Available)


    This is an awesome ashtray with a built in poker. These are made in house in Reno, NV using recycled materials. Emptying your pipe with this ashtray will ensure it is ready for the next use.  This is not meant to hold or catch hot embers. ...

  • Ruby


    Glass Debowler (13 Colors Available) (Out of Stock)


    This glass Debowler is hand made in the Reno, NV.  It comes with a removable/replaceable glass spike that is perfect for reaming out bowls.  Similar function to the plastic version but built to last and quite a bit more attractive.