Envy 10" Ball Rig (assorted colors)

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Envy 10" Ball Rig (assorted colors)

Envy 10" Ball Rig (assorted colors)

Your Own Personal Weed Planet

Envy produces scientific water pipes that have heady features. They are experts at blending these two typically opposing aesthetics together successfully into one clean and gorgeous look. The bent neck mouthpiece on this dab rig makes it effortless to hit without tilting too much, which is important when you have a perc like Ball perc that needs to stay upright to function at its best.

The ten-inch tall Ball Rig contains a Neptunian planet in the middle that is suspended gracefully in the middle of the chamber by a water tube that glides through the middle. The swirling green and yellow hues blend together to resemble planetary features like clouds and oceans. The perc in the bottom chamber sends percolated hits upwards towards and around the glass ball diffusing it one more time before inhalation.



  • Height: 10in
  • Base width: 3.5in
  • 3mm Schott glass
  • 14mm male 90-degree banger (included)
  • Suspended glass ball dab rig
  • Flattened inline perc in the lower chamber
  • Green slyme glass
  • Gold Envy decal
  • Made in Southern California
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