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14" Envy Glass Designs Double Terminated Inline to Crystal Disc Recycler (Out of Stock)

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Fumed Double Terminated Recycler with Inline Perc

Envy produces scientific water pipes that have heady features. They are experts at blending these two typically opposing aesthetics together successfully into one clean and gorgeous look. 

The gorgeous combination of form and function that is a recycler dab rig is a grand sight to behold. The large disc perc is suspended above the inline perc. The Disc perc is adorned with fumed crystals and is a striking centerpiece in the pipe. The Inline perc faces upwards and shifts the water up through the disc perc to percolate it again.

The water level on a recycler is higher. The water rushes through both percs and falls back down to the bottom to do it again and again. That continuous filtration lets you take huge rips that never get stale.



  • Height: 11 in
  • Base width: 3.5 in
  • 6 mm borosilicate glass
  • Fumed disc perc
  • Inline perc
  • Bent neck mouthpiece
  • Recycler
  • Made by Envy glass
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