Black Sheep 7" Micro Turbine Lantern Oil Rig

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Black Sheep 7" Micro Turbine Lantern Oil Rig

Micro Turbine Disc Stemline Lantern Oil Rig

  • 7" Tall
  • 50mm Diameter
  • 5mm Wall Thickness
  • 10mm Female Stemlless Joint
  • Turbine Disc Filter
  • Quartz Banger Domeless Nail INCLUDED

This Lantern features a smaller 50mm lower difussion can with natural perc stemless filter.
This allows for more water to be placed in the lower can so the water can stay fresher longer without increasing the diffusion and reducing taste.
The tapered upper can gives you a taller piece but without the extra volume so you can get the most pure flavor from your oils.

The upper chamber is in a hourglass shape so the air and water will mix and smash together before going through the mouth piece.

This Micro Lantern comes with a free 90 degree full quartz banger domeless nail. The banger nail is one of the most popular dab nails right now. It fits perfectly with this Micro Lantern.


Black Sheep Gallery glass is made in Southern California
All Black Sheep Gallery glass is hand blown in thier own studio. Black Sheep Gallery uses the finest borosilicate pyrex glass tubing. All Black Sheep Gallery glass has been properly annealed to remove stress from the glass. This is not cheap china glass where the wall are thin and glass is stressed and not properly annealed. Black Sheep Gallery has been making premium tubes since 2007.

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